November 12, 2019


Passage:   1Cor. 2:1-13
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Bible Text:   1Cor. 2:1-13 | CHARISMATIC HOUR (12/11/19)

Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement




Text:                                                         1Cor. 2:1-13


Following the LEAP Declaration, the LORD Himself is promising us a great period of profound spiritual insight aimed at bringing about deserved changes, necessary for realizing the great expectations and blessings set before us.  Those who will diligently listen and do the biddings of the LORD in this season, will no doubt testify of God’s abundant goodness and faithfulness.


Today, the LORD is announcing to us that there are Things Freely Given To Us Of Him (God).  What are these things?  How do we get them?  Are there other contending forces against these things?  What must we do to ensure that we don’t lose out?  These and other questions we will ask and answer in the course of this message.  For today, we will review the meaning and implication of the topic: Things That Are Freely Given To Us Of God (in our context).


The Meaning And Implication Of The Topic In Our Context (1Cor. 2:9-13).


“Things that are freely given to us by God” has to do with the reality that The LORD God Almighty has already given or granted us (believers) certain things. And the LORD Who gave the things, wants everyone of us to know them, and understand that He has given them, for which purpose He has given us His Spirit.  This knowledge when acquired, will help us think aright, act aright and embrace the blessings.


The lack of knowledge is evident, making it necessary that we need to be taught of His Spirit.  We should therefore show the willingness and enthusiasm to be taught.


The Things To Know (1Cor. 2:12-13).


The things the LORD wants us to know are as follows:


That there are things already granted and given or made available for us by the

LORD. These are not things being considered to be given, rather they are already given.

That these things are given without strings attached. That is, they are freely

given.  In other words, you don’t need to bother about the cost, the Provider

says they are free.

We may wish to further know what package it is which the LORD has given,

this He made clear in Lk. 19:41-42.


It follows therefore that the LORD has freely given us those things that belong to our peace.  Call it health, wealth, children, homes and what have you?  Who then will appreciate this free gift and go all out to believe God unto reception this hour and this year?


Let’s rise to pray.





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